Food Addiction

Food AddictionEveryone has, at times, cravings for certain foods. Sometimes we just want something to eat. There is no other reason than the desire to eat. Sometimes this may be because you’re bored or because you see something on the food that attracts you. How many times have you seen commercials for hamburgers on television that make you want one? This is healthy. We all do it. Without messing around, I would say that probably we do that several times a week. Did you know that you could be addicted to food? I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. There are many things that can tell you if you are addicted to food. You might be depressed or in an emotional downward spiral that distorts your ability to see what happens. After a certain period, you can tell if you have a food problem. At worst, you will see it on your waistline. It does not take a genius to figure it out.

What are addictive foods?

Well, it is difficult to answer. There is no firm answer on what is addictive. It’s like asking what’s more addictive, beer or whiskey. Although there are some foods that are extremely addictive.


We all know that it is addictive. I’m sure if you are a coffee drinker, you know how much you tremble in the morning if you do not have your coffee. Is dependence on coffee bad for you? It depends on the amount you drink. If you drink a few cups a day, I do not think it is harmful. However, if you drink several pots a day, you have a problem. While this is addictive, you can control the amount you drink. If you have an addictive personality, I would suggest avoiding coffee and other caffeinated products.


It’s addictive. We try not to think that it is addictive, but it is because of the surge of energy it gives us. If you have not had your daily fix of sugar and you get tired, cranky or worn out you are going through withdrawal. Did you know that heroin addicts in withdrawal consume large amounts of sugar? It is said that sugar helps repel heroin cravings. Sugar is one of the things it is difficult to avoid. The best thing you can do is to avoid sweets and other delicacies. You will always consume sugar but if you avoid these things, you can avoid a big part of your sugar intake. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar so you should also avoid them.

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I frustrate people by talking about carbohydrates. I think that carbohydrates are addictive for the same reasons that sugar is addictive. Your best bet is to avoid eating too much bread and pasta. This is the best way to avoid being dependent to carbohydrates.

I’m not saying that if you are dependent on carbohydrates, you will be like a junkie. What I am saying is that you will become dependent on carbohydrates. I think many people are addicted to carbohydrates and do not know. This is not something that comes to mind when it comes to addiction. What should you do if you are a food addict? If you can control it, you should do your best to get there. If you’re the type to have a strong will, it should not be too hard.

The problem is that most of us do not have a strong will regarding addictions. We are a race of dependent creatures. I start to think that most of us are addicted to something. No matter whether it’s coffee, cigarettes, booze or something else, if you do not feel able to control it, you should see a doctor. You must tell him what is happening. Do not be ashamed to talk to him. You should be ashamed if you do nothing. After talking to him, you should find a support group for people with food addictions. Your doctor may refer you to a therapist. The therapist let you know of any support groups you can join. If you do not want to talk openly about such things in person, you can find support groups online. They are free, which means they don’t charge you anything. You begin to find a treatment and that other things are available. These are people who deal with food addiction every day.

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