Getting rid of the bags under your eyes?

What works and what doesn’t!

If you suffer from bags under your eyes or dark circles then you know that there are a great many products on the market which claim to be the “end all-fix all” unfortunately 95% of the products don’t work and the ones that do work in the short term in the long term make the bags under the eyes even worse.

The world renowned Mayo Clinic states that the bags under your eyes – is simply a mild swelling or puffiness which is common as one ages. The area under your eyes ages like all other parts of your body.

The muscles around the eyes weaken over time reducing support for the tissue. Normal fat that helps support the eyes sometimes can then migrate forward into the lower eyelid area, causing the bags under the eyes. This is the reason that many "solutions" on the market today simply cannot work.

Haemorrhoid Creams

There is an old wives tale about Haemorrhoid creams and under eye bags. Unfortunately, it cannot work. Haemorrhoid creams are designed to shrink your blood vessels and the creams contain vasoconstrictors. Haemorrhoids are swollen veins so this helps reduce them, but it is not very good on the very sensitive area under your eyes. Unfortunately there are some ingredients in haemorrhoid creams make the problem with e under eye bags worse over time. You get bags under your eyes because the muscles under the eye weaken as you get older and body fat and or water which normally support your eyes slowly fall to under the eyes.

Beauty Creams

A Beauty cream which offers a solution to reduce the appearance of under eye bags may not be as damaging as a Haemorrhoid cream but unfortunately will deliver the same effects, but unfortunately they don’t cure the problem, they can tighten the skin temporarily and mask the dark area in the similar way makeup does. Creams can’t strengthen the muscles under the eyes and they can’t get rid of fat and water from the under eye area.

Facial Fitness

Facelift GymStrengthening the muscles around the eyes is the same as working any muscle in the body, you have to have a daily routine of expanding and contracting the muscles. This isn’t as easy as doing arm curls, so you have to use electrical and vibrational muscle stimulation therapy like the Facelift Gym in the same way they do when getting physiotherapy for muscle degradation. Its similar to the electrical pads for toning your six pack while you sit on the sofa but they use vibration. They stimulate the weak muscles to strengthen them and the ones for the eyes also prevent further fat and water from forming under the eyes. Like any form of exercise the result don’t come straight-away but over relatively short amount of time the muscles start to strengthen, and the bags under your eyes disappear.

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Eye SecretsEye Secrets is another new product line that specifically targets your eye area to reverse the signs of aging. Currently, the range includes three unique products producing a lifting effect and a stretching of the skin around your eye and stimulate eyelash growth. The results are both instant and impressive: eye secrets is able to give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Lisa Valencia, the makeup artist of Hollywood stars, even admits that she uses strips of Upper Eye Lift from Eyes Secrets with Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston.

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