The Jessica Ennis Diet Plan

jessica-ennis-six-packThis is a look at the Jessica Ennis diet plan and what she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner to get an olympic gold medal winning body and six pack abs to die for.

The Jessica Ennis diet plan is hard for person with a normal lifestyle as she workouts out twice a day for five or six hours and burns off what she eats, so she can almost eat what she likes, sorry. Although she said that she used to love having flapjacks in her diet but her nutritionist told her off because they are very high in calories so had to take them out of her plan.

It suffices to say she eats lots of carbs for energy including porridge as it fills you and is a slow release form of energy food. She drinks PowerAde Zero while training, along with water, but has taken to drinking V8 fruit juices as well as it has eight different fruit and vegetables in it, covering one of the five a day. Essentially healthy foods is at the core of any good diet plan.

Jessica Ennis: last training before Olympics 2012

A typical diet plan for Jessica Ennis is below, but obviously this changes slightly daily.

Jessicas’ diet changes depending on whether it’s a training or competition day and what she is competing in that day. The night before a competition Jessica makes sure she has eaten enough carbohydrates and proteins to compete the next day, then on the morning of the competition although feeling nervous she’ll force herself to eat so she has energy for the day. Her diet plan on the day will change depending on what she in competing in that day, for instance if she is doing the shot put she’ll plan to eat a heavy breakfast because the digestion doesn’t matter too much, but if she is doing the high jump she’ll limit her intake of food and water so she can be as light as possible.

Daily Diet Plan

Jessica Ennis BumStrangely during her final day in the London 2012 Olympics the most searched term on Google was Jessica Ennis Bum


Bran flakes with fruit juice, cereal bar and a banana or apple. Sometimes toast and yoghurt not mixed together of course; although, thinking about it, I might give yoghurt on toast a try and get back to you.


After Jessicas’ morning three hour workout she goes home for a quick sleep then has a ham or turkey salad sandwich with more juice or a recovery drink. Then a quick power nap before going back to the track for the afternoon session.

Dinner and dessert

Being an athlete Jessica Ennis needs iron in her diet so has a lot of red meat for dinner like beef. Because she likes to cook and claims she is a better cook than her fiancé (sorry lads), construction site manager Andy Hill, she’ll cook a chilli, lasagne or spaghetti with meatballs followed be some sort of chocolaty dessert.


Like all athletes Jessicas’ snacks are things like power bars and some form of eggs, like eggs on toast with some rocket salad. She is a big fan of cheese too her favourites being goats’ cheese and cheddar.

Chinese or Nandos every now and then is ok when she has been training hard or after a heavy competition she’ll indulge and have an Italian (meal).

So basically if you want a body like Jessica Ennis then your diet plan needs to include exercise to use the energy in the food in the correct manner otherwise your body will store it. A Nandos or Itallian (meal) every now and then is ok just not everyday and stear clear of those flapjacks.

If you are interested in getting a body like Jessica Ennis

check out the video below:

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