Cameron Shayne Budokon

Part of Jennifer Anistons workout has Cameron Shaynes Budokon. What began as a young man’s desire to heal years of personal rage and low self worth has grown into Shayne’s lifelong mission to share his ongoing pilgrimage to personal freedom. He has been called on by leaders from every walk of life to share his wisdom and knowledge in the areas of psychology, leadership, human potential, bio-mechanincs, kinetics, athletic performance, yoga, and martial arts science.

He serves on the Board of Mind/Body arts for SCLA. He has produced five award winning home training system DVD’s and the #1-selling yoga/martial arts DVD of all time. He is also an author, international speaker, corporate chairman overseeing 4 companies, founder and creator of the Budokon Yogic/Martial/Living Arts System, and considered the world authority on yoga/martial arts integration.

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