5:2 Fast Formula Appetite Suppressant & Nutritional Booster

An overview of Bauer Nutrition’s 5:2 Fast Formula.

5 and 2 Fast Formula5:2 Fast Formula Appetite Suppressant & Nutritional Booster

The 5:2 Fast Formula is designed for anyone who is following or about to start a fasting style diet such as the popular ‘5:2 Fast Diet’ made famous by medical journalist Michael Mosley.

A fasting diet is any diet which requires the person to avoid or significantly restrict calories for an extended period of time (e.g. 8 hours or more).

Why Choose 5:2 Fast Formula?

  • Only supplement designed specifically for those following a fasting diet
  • Makes it easier to stick to fasting or calorie-controlled diets
  • Speeds up and enhances results achieved from fasting
  • Makes intermittent fasting a healthier way to lose weight


The 5:2 Fast Formula contains a unique blend of ingredients specially researched and formulated with fasting dieters in mind:

  • Konjac Root
    • Slows absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract
    • Creates feeling of fullness through its water-binding effects
    • Delays gastric emptying and slows release of sugar in to the bloodstream helping to lower insulin and blood glucose
  • Copper, Iron, and B Vitamins
    • Help to replenish essential nutrients that are lost during fasting
    • Improves body’s breakdown of fat and production of usable energy
5:2 Fast Formula
5:2 Fast Formula product label

Main Problems of Fasting Diets:

  • Ability to control hunger pangs during fasting periods
  • Ability to avoid overeating during non-fasting periods
  • Achieving the correct, healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients
  • Fatigue and a general lack of energy

The 5:2 Fast Formula addresses all of these common issues by helping to suppress the appetite during both fasting and non-fasting periods. In addition the supplement also helps to restore a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in the body – which also helps to avoid the tiredness many people experience during fasting.

Other Reported Benefits of Fasting Diets:

Whilst the 5:2 Fast Formula cannot claim to be anything more than a way to make fasting diets more successful and much easier to follow, there are a number of additional reported benefits of following a fasting diet including:

  • Body Detoxification
  • Improved Blood Sugar and Insulin Control
  • Improved Focus in the Mind

There are also theories that fasting may also help lower your risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease although there is a limited amount of evidence to support these claims.

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